Frequently asked questions

Why learn anything about Coding?

Coding has become part of the national Curriculum since 2013. Pretty much any job that your child (or you) choose, will likely involve using some kind of computer technology. We do not want to turn everyone into a Software Engineer! We want people to embrace their creativity and feel in control of the technology that they use.

Check out this article and infographic on "5 unbeatable reasons your kids should code."

I am a parent/carer. Am I too old/ bad at maths/ "un-technical" to learn anything about code?

No, of course not.

I can't promise that you will enjoy in depth discussions about Minecraft or become a NASA engineer, but I can definitely help you get a grasp of coding, and you will even be able to make a little something in Scratch by the end of a workshop!

What is Scratch?

"Scratch is a programming language and an online community where children can program and share interactive media such as stories, games, and animation"

Scratch is so easy to use because it is drag and drop blocks that fit together, to produce an animation, game or anything that kids can imagine!

You can have a look at the Scratch website, feel free to have a go and view their information for parents.

What is Python?

Python is a very powerful computer coding language, that is simple to learn.

Compared to other programming languages, you can create and show Python programs quickly.

You don't have to learn a lot of complicated terms before getting started and the possibilities are endless.

Unlike scratch, Python is a typed language which is why it is recommended for older kids and teens.

Python is used by organisations such as NASA, Google, Yahoo, IBM and Nokia

Which course would be suitable for my child?

Currently we can only accept children that are aged 8 or older.

We know that all children are different!! It can be very difficult to put a recommended age on these courses.

We are flexible and there will be different course material available varying in complexity.

We are also happy to see anything that has been made at home!

We do not specialise in learning for EYFS, however we hope to provide this in future.

For the Scratch courses we would recommend that your child:

  • Has some understanding of coordinates
  • Has an understanding of negative numbers

(However, this can be covered in the course.)

For the Python course we recommend that your child:

  • Understands coordinates and negative numbers
  • Understands rotation and basic geomtery.

What is coding unplugged?

It is a way to think like a coder without using computers. Exercises involve real world objects or experiences to encourage logical thinking. Lego, mazes and storytelling can be used to demonstrate how we give instructions to computers.

Do I have to book and attend for 6 weeks?

No, we understsand family life is busy!

You can book individual sessions if we have room available and you book in advance.

See our contact details to book!

Do we need to bring a laptop?

Nope! We have taken care of that.

Is there somewhere the parents can wait?

Yes! If you don't want to travel home and back again, you can grab a cuppa in the Baldock Arts and Heritage Centre, have a moment to yourself, read a book!

Alternatively you can have a walk to view Baldock's interesting architecture, or go for a Woodland Walk at Ivel Springs.

Can't you learn to code for free?

Yes you can! There are many free online resources to get you started. There is also a nationwide network called code club where volunteers run clubs in schools.

I also run a parents and carers introduction to coding so that you can support the learning yourself which is at a much lower cost than a full kids course.

If there are no adult courses listed, you can email us to request one!